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Want to know what private schools always ask in their interviews?

Each school has its own culture and expectations, but some questions are universally important. Participating in mock interviews for teachers can provide invaluable practice and confidence.

In this blog, Nailing the Job explores five of the most commonly asked private school interview questions for teachers, offering strategies for crafting compelling responses.

Private School Interview Questions for Teachers

Here are a few potential questions that you can expect from a private school teaching interview;

  1. Describe Your Teaching Philosophy.

This question probes your educational values and methods. Interviewers want to gauge whether your approach aligns with their school’s philosophy.

Respond by clearly outlining your teaching beliefs, emphasizing student-centered and inclusive education methods, and how these contribute to effective learning.

  1. How Do You Incorporate Technology into Your Teaching?

With technology playing a pivotal role in modern education, private schools look for teachers who are adept with digital tools.

Discuss specific platforms and tools you’ve used, like interactive whiteboards or educational apps, and how these enhance your lessons and student engagement.

  1. Can You Provide an Example of a Successful Lesson You Have Taught?

Here, your interviewer is looking for evidence of your teaching efficacy.

Describe a lesson where you achieved learning objectives, highlighting your planning, and execution, and the methods you used to assess student understanding. This showcases your strategic thinking and practical skills.

  1. How Do You Handle Classroom Discipline?

Discipline is crucial in maintaining a conducive learning environment.

Discuss your approach to setting clear rules and expectations, along with examples of how you handle disruptions. Emphasize your commitment to a positive and respectful classroom atmosphere.

  1. What Methods Do You Use to Measure Student Success?

Assessment methods are key to tracking progress. Talk about the varied tools and techniques you use, from formal tests to informal assessments, and how these help tailor your teaching to meet student needs.

Conclusion and Key Takeaways

Understanding and preparing for these five commons interview questions can significantly enhance your chances of securing a position at a private school. Engage in Nailing the Job mock interviews for teachers to refine your answers and boost your confidence.


What makes private school teaching interviews unique?

Private schools often have specific educational philosophies and values, making it crucial for candidates to demonstrate alignment with these principles.

How can I prepare for a private school teaching interview?

Practice by answering common interview questions and participating in mock interviews tailored to private school environments.

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